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TA Certificate 2016

Trip to the Ghost city

Mini Ghost City 1Imagine an old town situated in the middle of the desert (26 km from the town of Safaga) surrounded by mountains, but is currently empty and abandoned. There are only the ruins of the houses left. When you look at this place, you feel that time has stopped here.
Begin the journey into the past... Read more£ 37,50 GBP per person

Super Safari

Do you want to experience a true adventure? Then come along on this very special tour where you will go by jeep through the desert to a Bedouin village. Here you will learn about Bedouin life and customs, and you can try driving an ATV, desert go-kart, ride a camel, and experience different desert animals. In the evening you will be served a delicious Oriental buffet and you will experience an authentic oriental show. All this surrounded by the fascinating and beautiful Egyptian desert and mountain scenery. Before going back, you will see the stars through a telescope. Read more£ 27 GBP per person

Quad safari in the morning

Mini ATV Safari 1If you love Quad biking and wish to drive through the desert, then join us on this trip in the morning, where you will spend approximately 3 hours by driving to a Bedouin camp, where you can drink a cup of Bedouin tea and riding camels. Do not miss this experience. Read more

£ 22 GBP per person

Quad safari in the evening

Mini ATV Aften 1If you love Quad biking and wish to drive through the desert, then come and spend the evening with the Bedouins, eat a delicious Bedouin dinner and enjoy their entertainment, including belly dancer and Tanoura. You will have the opportunity to enjoy all this including watching the sun setting behind the mountains. It all ends with a view of the great starry sky. Read more£ 24 GBP per person

Family safari

Mini Borne Safari 1Do you wish to spend a nice, private day with your family, where the young ones can enjoy driving in a jeep, a desert kart, ride a camel, see a Bedouin camp and the different desert animals? Then come with us on this special family safari. Read more

£ 22 GBP per person